‘Our puppy destroyed our lounge’: Owners share nightmare stories of their pesky pups

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  • Dog owners to reveal one thing that they wish they knew before they bought their pup
  • One owner admits that taking cute pictures of their dog has become an obsession
  • Barking at the door and biting were also named as nightmare puppy habits

5499994653_07b391f52a_oWe used social media to ask UK dog owners to tell us one thing they now wish they had known before getting their own furry companion. Photo Credit: Gareth Williams

For every dog fanatics out there, having your very own furry friend to is at the top of their wishlist.

But as every dog owner knows, raising a puppy into a loving young dog come with its fair share of ups and downs.

We recently took to social media to ask dog owners, past and present, to share one thing that they wish they had known before getting their dog.

From barking at the door and near-misses, to biting hair and sibling rivalry, here are the top 10 responses.

    1. Non-stop barking at the door

      “I wish I knew how much my dog barked when people came to our front door!”
      – Rachael Dudson

      Photo Credit: Brian Moriarty
    2. The commitment

      “I wish I realised the time commitments a dog would need and wish I had found more information on adoption!”
      – Ben Redgell

      Photo Credit: Sonia Su
    3. One is never enough

      “I wish I knew that having one dog can often be lonely, so you end up having two!”
      – Deborah Bradbury

      Photo Credit: Daveynin
    4. Pricey trips to the vets

      “We wish we knew how expensive vet bills were if anything goes wrong.”
      – Michael Daly

      Photo Credit: Austin Community College
    5. Lucky escapes

      “I wish I knew what food to avoid giving dogs after a close call with a cooked lamb bone we gave to our puppy!”

      Photo Credit: Aisha
    6. Biting everything and anything

      “I wish I knew how much they bite your hair!”
      – Ellie Flaherty

      Photo Credit: Public Domain
    7. The cute-factor

      “I wish I knew how obsessed I would get with taking cute pictures of them!”
      – Paige Mullarkey

      Photo Credit: Torsten Dettlaff
    8. Favouritism

      “I wish I knew my dog was going to like my brother more than she does me!”
      – Jade Lovelock

      Photo Credit: Pixabay
    9. Ruined furniture

      “I wish I knew how much damage a puppy could do to your house by chewing. Our puppy destroyed the house in just two months and cost us thousands!”
      – Richa Wight

      Photo Credit: Gareth Williams
    10. The constant worrying

      “I wish I knew how much you worry about them (almost like having children).”
      – Angela Wilcox

      Photo Credit: Vincent Pastore


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