Meet Boo, Doug and Tuna: The five adorable dogs taking social media by storm

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  • Boo, the most famous dog on social media has over 17m likes on Facebook
  • Almost one quarter of pet owners have created a social media account for their pet
  • We reveal the five most popular dogs on social media right now

The Internet’s most famous dog, Boo rose to fame on Facebook and now has a global fanbase of over 17m people. Photo credit: Boo

Making a social media account for a pet is now more popular than ever before.

A recent survey by Sony Mobile found that nearly one quarter of pet owners in Europe have made a social media page for sharing pictures and updates about their animals.

The company revealed that 79% of people had made their pet its very own page on Facebook, with 38% saying they had created an Instagram account.

In the last few years, this trend has paved the way for a handful of dogs to rise to Internet fame, with some of the biggest canine stars now boasting millions of followers on their pages.

Loved for their unique looks and entertaining pictures, these dogs are certainly cashing in on their social media success.

And now many of these famous pups are being used in online marketing campaigns, while others have been hailed for revitalising sales of dying breeds.

So who are the five most famous dogs social media? Check out the gallery below to find out.

1. Boo the Pomeranian 2. Maru the Shiba Inu 3. Doug the Pug 4. Marnie the Shih Tzu 5. Tuna the Chiweenie
1. Boo the Pomeranian
With over 17m likes on Facebook, Boo has become of the most recognisable dogs on the Internet.


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Danielle White

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