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Hello and welcome to Puppies: Not  Just For Instagram.

This site is an online multimedia project which investigates how the latest social media dog trends are having devastating consequences for thousands of puppies across the UK.

Created by dog-lover and investigative journalist Danielle White, the project aims to highlight the potential dangers some of the latest online puppy trends on sites like Facebook and Instagram, and prove that these seemingly innocent new crazes do in fact have deadly consequences.

The project features the thoughts and opinions of a host of dog welfare experts, famous dog owners, and even Facebook users themselves.

On this site, you will find a range of original multimedia content exploring a number of issues, from the rising rates of impulse puppy buys to the effects of the ‘designer dog’ craze currently sweeping the nation.

To get involved with the discussion and share your thoughts about this project, follow our official social media accounts or email us at pupsnotjustforinsta@gmail.com.