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The PDSA’s Paws Report 2016 found that 37% of owners would consider getting a pet from an advert on social media. Photo credit: skeeze

One of the main concerns of dog charities is that less people are doing research before getting a puppy.

This rise in uneducated buys leaves many new owners in the dark about the struggles they will face as a dog owner.

And in many cases, dogs are being given up as owners fail to care properly for their new pet.

So where can dog owners go to get advice about choosing the right dog for them?

People looking to get a dog can seek guidance about choosing the right dog for them from almost every animal welfare organisation.

But they can also receive great advice from existing dog owners, who can share their own experiences about owning a dog, or caring for a specific breed.

Puppies: Not Just for Instagram recently launched its Puppy Parents Advice forum on Facebook, which gives existing and future owners a place to ask questions and share advice about owning a dog.

In this group, many of the daily struggles often faced by modern dog owners are exposed.

And with members encouraged to share their experiences with other owners, the group is a haven for anyone needing vital tips about how to tackle almost any issue.

To get involved with the discussion and share your own puppy stories, click here to join the group.

Here are just some of the questions and advice that have been posted on the group so far:

Facebook user and potential pug owner Francesca Stewart-Smith seeks help and advice about the common health issues of this popular flat-faced breed. Photo Credit: Danielle White

Members give Karen Smith guidance about how to tackle the problems she is facing with her adopted Romanian puppy. Photo Credit: Danielle White

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