Facebook users admit social media’s puppy craze leaves them wanting their own dog

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  • Facebook users share their thoughts on the growing obsession with pups on social media
  • Over half of respondents said videos of pups appear on news feeds more than once a day
  • One third admitted that a post about a dog has made them consider getting a specific breed

In a recent survey, Facebook users have their says about the social media puppy craze and the effects it has on dogs in the UK. Photo credit: PublicDomainPictures

The latest social media dog trends have led to a massive rise in the amount of puppy-related posts appearing on people’s news feeds.

And with experts are warning that these crazes are now in fact changing the public’s attitude towards owning a dog, and making more owners purchase dogs without fully considering the commitment.

And now social media sites have been linked to the growing popularity of certain breeds across the UK, many of which are now under huge threat of being given up by owners.

We called on our readers to find out more about the effects of the online puppy obsession, and have their say about whether they think the social media puppy crisis really exists.

The survey revealed that over half of respondents are seeing pictures and videos of puppies appear on their timelines more than once a day.

And a shocking 57 percent said that they had thought about getting a certain breed based on something they see on their news feed.

To see the full results of our exclusive survey, roll over the image below.

The results of this survey are based on the answers given by 100 people, who all use social media platform, Facebook. 


Danielle White

A dog-lover and investigative journalist always on the look out for the latest social media trends. Find her on Twitter at @daniellel_white

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