More than meets the iPhone: How social media puppies don’t tell the whole story

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Shih-Tzu crosses like the Shorkie are just one of the new hybrid mixes to become popular in the UK. Photo Credit: Pixabay

As a nation of dog-lovers, it is no surprise that our social media news feeds have now transformed into a sea of videos and pictures of adorable puppies.

But now dog welfare experts are raising concerns over how these puppy posts are making more people choose a breed based on something they see on their news feed.

Yet what the latest viral videos and Instagram dog trends fail to show is the huge amounts of care and attention many of these popular breeds need in their early stages.

And there are now fears that more young dogs are being given up after owners realise are unable to fit the needs of the puppy into their lifestyle.

In the last few years, dog rescue organisations are reporting a rise in the number of fashionable breeds being dumped in shelters across the UK, and predict this crisis will grow as less people do research into a breed before they buy.

So what is it really like raising a puppy that needs round-the-clock love and care?

For Amber Mullarkey, a 25-year-old costume designer and owner of a shorkie puppy named Tuppence, the first few months of raising a dog have been full of highs and lows.

The shorkie (shih-tzu and Yorkshire terrier mix) is just one of new designer dogs to come out of the UK’s latest hybrid dog trend, and now receives huge amounts of attention from dog-lovers across the nation.

But whilst being an extremely lovable lapdog, shorkies are also renowned for becoming highly attached to their owners, which can lead to them being very upset and depressed if they are left alone.

In this first episode of The Puppy Diaries, Amber reveals this is something she has experienced during the first 10 months, and explains how Tuppence does not like to be left on his own.

To hear more about Amber and her top survival tips for new puppy owners, check out the video below.

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Danielle White

A dog-lover and investigative journalist always on the look out for the latest social media trends. Find her on Twitter at @daniellel_white

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